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At Vamos Travels we prefer to think of our clients as our family, because the connections we build are so much more than a business transaction. We strive to support and bolster our clients as they voyage to new places just as we would our friend or family. We want to be there for their travel struggles (like when Jessica lost her baggage in Iceland) and to celebrate their successes (like when Sara caught the perfect sunset in Santorini). But don’t take our word for it! Here are some of our favorite stories from our previous clients.

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Retired couple looking forward to their first getaway to seattle

The Request -

Bob and his wife are from the Southeast booked flights for their first trip to Seattle. Their departure dates were quickly approaching and they did not have hotels booked or an itinerary outlined. They reached out to Vamos Travels who acted quickly and created an itinerary which took them to the highlights of Seattle and Victoria BC.

The Results -

“On very short notice, my wife and I decided to visit Seattle, and Vamos supplied us with an itinerary for our trip. We had never been there, and were looking for guidance from someone that knew the area. Good recommendations for hotels, restaurants and must see places. We went to Victoria, wish we could have spent more time there. Thanks Vamos!” - Bob, Georgia, USA

Santorini Greece Vamos Travels

mid-twenties couple excited for a FUN FILLED adventure to greece

The Request -

Sara and her partner had flights and hotels booked for their summer trip to Greece. They knew they wanted an adventure of a lifetime, but didn’t know where to begin with planning their daily activities. Sara turned to Vamos Travels to help them curate a custom itinerary for their trip which would include equal parts active and romantic activities.

The Results -

“We used Georgia from Vamos Travels. Vamos Travels creates itineraries for your vacation all over the world. Georgia sent us a survey of what kind of trip we wanted to experience (relax, explore, mix of both), to help plan the perfect itinerary for us. All her suggestions were perfect for the type of trip we were looking for in Crete, and I highly suggest you to use Georgia from Vamos Travel to plan all the activities for your next trip." - Sara, New York, USA

Read more about Sara’s trip on her personal blog here.

italy vamos travels itinerary
Rome Italy Vamos Travels Itinerary

mother and daughter pair taking a WHIRLWIND trip to italy

The Request -

Mary Beth she had flights booked and a rough idea of what cities she wanted to see for her upcoming Mother/Daughter getaway to Italy. As a full time healthcare professional, she didn't have the time to research and plan all the arduous details for her upcoming trip. That's when she reached out to Vamos Travels, and we took over! We met with Mary Beth to discuss what she envisioned for her upcoming trip. From there, we crafted a custom itinerary sending Mary Beth and her mother on the Mother/Daughter trip of a lifetime through Rome, Florence, and Venice. Prior to her departure, we tied back in with MB to ensure she had successfully made all the museum and restaurant reservations for her trip.

The Results -

“Vamos Travels was incredibly helpful in planning our Italian vacation! My mom and I booked a trip to 3 cities in Italy. Neither of us had been to Italy before and we didn't really know where to begin the planning process. Vamos Travels came up with the most perfect itinerary that included a schedule of items to see/complete each day. Without the guidance of Vamos Travels we would not have been able to see and do as much as we did! Not to mention, they gave us wonderful suggestions for meals throughout our journey! Also, Vamos Travels gave us a list of ticket items to purchase before leaving for our trip, which was SO beneficial in keeping our trip organized and complete, without having to worry about waiting in lines, etc. I highly recommend Vamos Travels to anyone planning a trip! I cannot thank Vamos Travels enough for making our trip to Italy a success!” - Mary Beth, Georgia, USA

"Thank you Georgia of Vamos Travels, for planning every minute. My feet ache, but we saw a month of Italy in ten days!" - Cindy, Georgia, USA

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The Request -

Jessica and her BFF had plans to travel around the circumference of Iceland, but wanted the advice of an expert before taking off into the unknown. She reached out to Vamos Travels to get critical, specific recommendations to ensure she was prepared for her roadtrip.

The Results -

“Georgia from Vamos was amazing! Not only did she keep up with and make suggestions for every step of my trip to Iceland, she offered to help me find places to stay if I was too busy on the road. She was so thoughtful in knowing what activities I was interested in and catered suggestions accordingly. The biggest bucket list item I had was seeing the northern lights. Georgia knew this and looked up the weather forecast for several nights in a row without me having to ask. It's because of her that I got to see the lights, and I'll always be so appreciative. Thank you for a great experience!! “ - Jessica, Georgia, USA

iceland vamos travels roadtrip